Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June Winners


Christine from StitchNiche

Mary from Stash Heaven

It's so much fun making these announcements! Now Christine and Mary can enjoy watching their post box fill with goodies from all the APQ blogging friends in the swap.

Everyone continues to make wonderful blocks but are generously including other goodies in the parcels.

What a fantastic bunch you all are!

Don't forget to send your parcels by the end of this month and drop me an email to let me know you have done so.

Now, I have been working on a group label for our quilts and would love your feedback on the designs. Be honest - I'm wearing my big girl panties and I can take it.

I envisage that the labels will be about 4 x 6 inches roughly. I'd like to be able to print 4 to a page.

If none of these designs are agreeable and you would like to submit a design then don't hold back. Send me your version and we can put it to the girls for a vote. I'm not precious about this part at all.

Here is my first attempt.....

Congratulations again to this month's winners. I'm sure you are excited about receiving your blocks.

Marsha, Katie and Ann