Sunday, August 1, 2010

Lucky Last


This month's winners are

Marsha from Grandma's Quilts

Ann from A Good Yarn

Hey, that's me!

Marsha, Katie and I would like to thank you all very much for your enthusiasm and support for our swap. We weren't sure how it would be received but have been overwhelmed by your response and generosity.

I do hope you have enjoyed the swap and look forward to seeing all our finished quilts (probably sometime next year). We'll have a show and tell then.

It's also time to send you a quilt label. Since different folks liked different labels, is it okay if I send each person the label they said they liked best?

Here they are again in case you have forgotten what they looked like.

What size would you like the labels to be? I was planning to print four to a page but if you want them larger, please suggest dimensions.

Now, I have had some requests for another swap - from both those involved in this one, those who weren't able to participate in this one and folks from outside the *circle*.

I would be more than happy to organise a new swap in 2011 but if someone else would like to do the honours....

I suggest that we do something different rather than another quilt. We could also swap with one other partner rather than everyone in the group. It could be a secret swap too. I am open to suggestions but here are some ideas:

  • small bag or tote

  • pincushion - fancy

  • wall hanging

  • cushion (without insert)
Have a think about it and let me know your feelings. As always there is no obligation to join in.

Marsha, Katie and Ann