Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy 4th July

It's that time again!

This month's winners are

Beth from My Creations

Kathleen from  SeventhSister26

Theri from Theri's Quilt Stuff

Congratulations Girls!

As usual please post your blocks to the girls before the end of the month. Everyone has made such wonderful blocks and there are even some finished (or nearly finished) quilt tops.

There was no clear winner in the label stakes so I thought that I would print each person the label that appealed to them most. These will be sent off next month.

Thank you all so much for maintaining your enthusiasm for the swap over a long time.

For our US friends - enjoy your 4th July celebrations and commiserations about the soccer (sorry Karen - football).

Happy Stitching!



  1. COOL!!! I am sooooo looking forward to seeing these blocks show up in the mail. I have my machine plugged in and ready to start putting them together!!!
    Thanks everyone and Happy Quilting!!

  2. Hey, congrats, girls! You are gonna soooo look forward to the mail!


    P.S. Any label will be OK with me.

  3. Congrats to Beth, Kathleen and Theri! I'll have my blocks in the mail this weekend.

  4. Congrats to you last three winners! Can't wait to see how you put yours together.
    Ann, you have done an incredible job of administering the program! You are quite an organizer! With such great help from Katie and Marsha, not one hitch was encountered during the time.
    Much applause to all of you! ---"Love"

  5. Congrats to Beth, Kathleen and Theri! Enjoy your month of surprises!

  6. lol thankyou, Sunday was a sad day :( However we now have Andy Murray to cheer for at Wimbledon :)
    Is the last month then? Are we doing it again? please!

  7. p.s....and thanks to the coordinators;) It has been a great swap;)
    I got my blocks in the mail to Beth and Theri this afternoon...should be there next week.
    Happy Quilting!!

  8. Hooray! They'll go out soon :)