Monday, January 2, 2012

remember when?

It's a long time since this swap was active and my apologies to you all for neglecting it this past year.

With the arrival of the new year I felt I should make a concerted effort to follow up on our progress.  The blocks made and sent were amazing.

Some quilt tops are already completed.


theri's quilt stuff

Don't they look fantastic!

If you have also completed your top - or completely finished your quilt - please send me a picture or post on your blog.

update - canuck quilter has finished her swap quilt

Let's finish our quilts and prepare for another swap!


  1. Those quilts all turned out so pretty! While the one I made is smaller and different, it causes much great conversation when friends see it with all your different names and places! It was so much fun watching each of you send and receive your blocks! It will be more fun again to see them all finished! ---"Love"

  2. I am gonna try finishing mine this year.


  3. I'm ashamed to say I haven't done anything with mine. But I really plan to finish it this year!!

  4. I just finished the top between Christmas and New Year. I will post a picture on my blog this week.

  5. I've pieced mine together in rows and just need to add the setting triangles. Hope to have that done this week. ann :-)

  6. Mine is waiting for me to make the last two blocks that I need, everything else is already sewn together into rows. It is just waiting for those last two rows for two corners. It is all waiting in a bag, in the drawer. I even have the templates for quilting parts of it. I alreay have four other, oops make that five, to work on this year, too! ! !