Thursday, February 25, 2010

Answers to Questions


Registration for the Block Swap Closes
Saturday 27 February 2010

Thank you for the wonderful response to the block swap.

In this post, we will answer all the questions raised so far.

1. Can we request a colour scheme/style?

Sadly no, not in this particular swap. We are aiming for a scrap quilt look to allow everyone to use fabrics from the stash/scrap basket.

2. I don't know how to use Flickr?

That's okay, I will be posting a tutorial on how to use Flickr.

3. How does the draw work? How long do I have to make the blocks?

The swap will run for six months from March through to August. At the beginning of each month, two winners will be drawn and announced. All members are required to post their blocks to the winners by the end of the month.

You can make your blocks each month or all in one go - so long as you post them out on time.

4. How many blocks will we have to make?

We have - now 14 - people in the swap. That's four blocks per month - two blocks per person for each draw plus an extra draw to accommodate the 14.

The blocks go together quickly and easily with the instructions given making two blocks. That will give each recipient enough blocks to make a lap quilt.

If you want to make your quilt larger, you can add blocks you make yourself.

5. How do I send my blocks?

All participants will be required to send me (Ann - a good yarn) an email with your name and postal address.

I will send out to the group, each winner's address details so that we can all post individually.

The following bloggers have expressed interest in participating in the swap.

Liriopia - Liriopia's Legacy - confirmed

Marsha - Grandma's Quilts - confirmed

Katie - KatieMayToo Quilts - confirmed

Christine - StitchNiche - confirmed

Beth - My Creations - confirmed

Ruth - Country Log Cabin Quilter - confirmed

Kathleen - SeventhSister26 - confirmed

Joanne - Canuck Quilter - confirmed

Karen - Breezy Bree - confirmed

Ann - A Good Yarn - confirmed

Lisa - Unexpected Paths - confirmed

Mary - Stash Heaven - confirmed

Theri - Theri's Quilt Stuff - confirmed

Your place in the swap will be confirmed when I receive an email from you with your name and postal address.

Please send your details to



  1. Should we make all 4 blocks in different colors? Will we be getting a different block for each month?

  2. Teh pattern instructions create two blocks. You could send a pair of blocks to each person or make two pairs of blocks (4) and send one of each.

    The block design is the same each month. I'm guessing that you will receive blocks in a variety of colours and fabrics styles to make a wonderful scrap quilt. Ann :-)

  3. Ann,

    I tried making the blocks from the pattern instructions given and it works very well.

    Theri (Theri's Quilt Stuff) and her mom, Mary (Stash Heaven) also told me earlier that they are interested. They may have not been to the blogs yet, so hopefully they will see this soon and join, too.

    Since we are making two sets ( four total blocks) of blocks each month, I think I will send one of each set, two blocks per person. That way everyone will get two different blocks from me when it is their turn. That will add more variety.


  4. SOunds like a great idea Marsha - I was planning to do the same. Does anyone have Beth's email as she hasn't sent in her details yet. Let's hope she visits soon.

    Ann :-)

  5. I just worked on 3 sets of these blocks tonight. They're together in quarters and they almost make themselves! I was worried about matching the seams for the inner pinwheels, but they just fit together perfectly (guess making blocks in my head IS sometimes harder!). I'm sure those center points are going to give me fits on a few blocks, but I found my favorite seam ripper (fell out into the trunk of hubby's car!), so I'm set!

    I think I'm going to make all 14 sets of blocks right off, then pick randomly each month for who gets what... The 14th set will be for me to keep!

    The worst part of making these: it uses a lot more background than print and guess what I don't have a lot of in my stash? Yep...backgrounds... Ah well, I do have some and if worse comes to worse, I can either raid my mom's stash or *gasp* go shopping!

  6. Phew! That's a relief Katie. I tried to select a block that is a little different from what you normally see in a swap. I also wanted it to look good without being too tricky. I started cutting fabric for mine today. Luckily I have a good size pile of 3 inch strips in the light tone fabrics. Happy Stitching! Ann :-)