Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Block Swap 2010

Okay, here we go!

We have had enough positive responses to our idea for a block swap that it's time to get down to details.

We have chosen a simple block which will suit a variety of fabrics from reproduction to modern and everything in between. Use light toned fabrics for the other half of the block.

You can make your blocks from scraps or yardage. Our block will be 8 1/2 inches (includes quarter inch seams).

Each month one or two names will be drawn at random to receive that month's blocks. Details will be published on this blog.

The number of blocks to be made each month will depend on how many people join the swap and the aim is for each member to receive enough blocks to make a lap quilt. You can make extra blocks for yourself if you would like your quilt to be larger.

You are free to finish the quilt in any way you choose. You may want to embellish your blocks as well. Don't forget to write your details on your blocks.

Important: Please don't join in unless you can make all the blocks required

Some Rules: (necessary I'm afraid)

1. You must have an active blog and put the swap button on your blog (right click and save)

2. You must post your blocks each month on your blog

3. You will be expected to upload images of your blocks and quilt to our Flickr image group.

4. You must have a postal address that you are willing to share with other members of the swap.

5. You must post your blocks to the monthly winner by the due date.

6. You must acknowledge the blocks you receive in a post on your block.

Here is a picture of a quilt made using this block and 1930s prints.

How do you join? Simply leave a comment here. If enough people join, then the swap will run.

I will then ask you to email your details. Please make sure that you are not set to noreplyblogger for emails. Let me know if you aren't sure how to change this setting on your blog.

If you don't want to use your regular email, just setup a new email account on Yahoo or similar.

All further posts about the block swap will appear on this blog.

Instructions for making the block will also be posted here.

Let's get Stitching!

Ann, Marsha and Katie


  1. What a great idea :) The quilt you have posted is fab and I love the block. I will join in, even if I have to lock those children in a cupboard :) Can I make more than one block?
    Karen xx

  2. I'm in! A few questions:

    I'm not familiar with Flickr. I've looked at pics, but nothing more. Care to do a mini-tutorial for us here?

    Are there written instructions for the block anywhere? This would be very helpful (make sure I'm doing it right)!

    Do we show pictures of blocks we've made before putting them in the mail? Or keep it a surprise?

  3. count me in! I think thats a great idea!

  4. You know I'm in on this one!


  5. I'm in too :) I have the same questions as Katie. Thanks you ladies!

  6. Count me in! I've never done a block swap before. Just like Katie asked, will there be instructions? Also, do we as recipients request a colorway/style- ie repros or red and white? Or will it be each person makes a block that is their style to represent themselves in the recipients' quilts? Can't wait :) Christine

  7. Omigosh, I thought I had posted a comment to you earlier. I've even put your button on my blog. Don't know what happened. Anyway, I'd love to do this swap.

  8. I'm in too. I love that block! And it's easy!!

  9. Do we have an idea how many we will have to make and how long we have to make them.

  10. Silly question here. Just read the tutorial. Are we expected to add the sashings, too? Or are the instructions for the sashings for our benefit after we have received all our blocks?

  11. Sis boom bah! Sis boom bah!

    Who's going to be first

    to make me say.."Ahhh.....That a great block!"