Wednesday, March 3, 2010

First Draw and the Winners Are....

Congratulations girls!

An email will be sent out shortly with all names and addresses so that we can get ready to post our blocks out to the lucky winners.

We the organisers, can't come to a decision about the announcement of the monthly draws so have decided to ask you for your opinion.

Option 1:
Announce the winner each month so it's a surprise

Option 2:
Announce all the winners at once.

My personal preference is for Option 1 but I will happily go with the majority.

In the meantime, there are some wonderful swap blocks out there.

Joanne at canuckquilter has posted her blocks. Love the blues and how good the blocks look on point!

Ruth at logcabinquilter has some lovely blocks for the swap. Nice fabrics.

Kathleen at seventhsister26's blocks look terrific too. Kathleen is having some technical issues with her blog so has had to post comments to our recent blogs on her blog. Pop on over to catch up with her.

So, Lisa and Katie, you are going to receive some wonderful blocks in this our first draw with more to come, including my own.

We have had requests about what type of pen to use when writing on your blocks. A micron 5 Pigma pen works well.

Love suggests that you back your block with freezer paper first. Once you have written on the block, place a piece of plain fabric over it and iron to set the ink. Love likes to rinse just that part of the block to remove excess ink.

If you use a different pen or have your own tips for writing on the blocks then please let us know.

Now for those of you who are concerned about the construction of your blocks. This is a very forgiving pattern and seems to look good no matter how it is constructed. Given that we are making scrap quilts your blocks are going to fit in just fine.

Thank you all so much for your enthusiasm and support of this our first swap.

Ann, Marsha and Katie


  1. Hooray! I vote option 1- its nice to have something fun to look forward to. What is the date we are to send them out by? After work today I am going to be stitching them up! :) ~Christine

  2. I am stunned that I got picked first. I am NEVER lucky at anything (last time I won something was in 3rd grade - a Cabbage Patch Doll (all the rage at the time) in a school carnival raffle!). I'm so excited!

  3. yay for Katie and Lisa, so I assume they get 2 blocks each? or is it 4 each?

  4. Yes, please give me a date for the mail out! Also, any problem if I stitch instead of write in my blocks? What info, besides our names, should be include?


  5. Ooh Liri...I think stitching names would be fantastic. I don't think I have the patience to do it though, so if you decide to do it, please don't be upset if I don't too!

    I think there was an earlier post on this blog with what to put on them. But are we supposed to write on ALL the blocks, or just one per set sent out?

  6. Yay! for Katie and Lisa. Enjoy your blocks ladies! I can be patient and wait my turn...I think :)

    I like option 1, letting us know on the first of each month who is getting that month's blocks. Just a little touch of suspense followed by a great surprise :)


  7. Congratulations Lisa and Katie! Everyone's blocks look great and this is sooooo much fun!


  8. Love that March button--perfect colors for a quilt! My congrats too! The blocks are building up to shipment. I agree that this is fun and was a great idea. My vote is finding out the winners on a monthly basis; keeps the suspense going! Mary

  9. Congrats Lisa and Katie! I've been watching the progress of the blocks, and think that they are wonderful.

    The only suggestion I can make to writing on the blocks, is to draw the lines on the freezer paper, to use as a guide to write on. I have also pre-printed my message on the freezer paper and then "traced" it. May require a light table or your window!


    PS - I too am having some difficulty with posting comments, it is not wordpress, but something to do with the OpenID that they use. So I am now going to try posting with my google account... may have to reconsider using wordpress, and move to blogspot/blogger... besides you can customize more with blogspot and blogger.

  10. Yeah! I am really excited at seeing all the blocks- these are going to be great scrappy quilts. Congrats, ladies! Monthly announcements are good, but the ANTICIPATION may kill me before July... that's OK, I'm sure the blocks will get better and better... :) Theri

  11. Congrats, Katie and Lisa! It's fun to watch all the excitement from the sidelines! All of you are making beautiful blocks!
    Ann, that March Winners' Circle is fantastic!