Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Postman Delivers

The poor postman is loaded down with blocks for our swap!

Thanks to Mary, Theri, Marsha, Beth, Christine, Lisa and Kathleen who have posted their blocks. The rest of us will be posting soon. Don't forget to send me an email when you have sent your blocks.

Katie and Lisa are already receiving them along with some goodies from the swap partners.

Our Flickr album is growing daily and it's nice to see all the blocks in one place.

Joanne has made some wonderful blocks in beautiful blues. Ruth has used some very pretty fabrics in her blocks. Katie has been super organised and made all her blocks. Liri and Beth have made some blocks using amazing colours.

It's probably best to write on the light coloured fabric in your block near the edge.

I was thinking of designing a group label for our quilts featuring our blog buddies button. If there is enough interest I will proceed.

Just to remind us all - we will each make 24 blocks - 2 blocks for each person in the swap. You can make extra blocks for yourself if you want your quilt bigger.

I will provide some basic finishing instructions but I encourage you to put your quilt together in any way you choose.

Late News: Karen and Ann have posted their blocks.

Happy Stitching,

Ann, Marsha and Katie


  1. To All of You: GREAT JOB! ---"Love"

  2. mine are on their way they got posted this morning :)

  3. Hi Everyone - I'm a cheerleader for this swap and I'm SO impressed with all that you ladies are doing! It is so fun to see all the different blocks - keep up the good work!

  4. Somehow I missed this post! Love that postman. :)

  5. Are there still 13 participants (26 blocks total including 2 for yourself)?

  6. Each participant will receive 24 blocks. It's up to you how many extra blocks you want to make for yourself. I guess it depends on how big you want your finished quilt to be. Ann :-)

  7. Update: I am headed out of town until the middle of April. I have my blocks done, but I won't be able to mail them off until I get back. Just letting you know so that the winners know when to expect them;)
    Happy Quilting!!