Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lots of Wonderful Blocks

How fantastic are all the blocks being made!

I'm sure Katie and Lisa must be so excited about the blocks they will be receiving.

Theri, Mary, Christine, Marsha, Lisa and Ann have all made blocks and the variety of fabrics and combinations is fabulous.

Kathleen has put her blocks in the mail. Thanks Kathleen! Don't forget to email me when you have sent your blocks.

The Flickr Group is up and running and pictures are being posted there.

Everyone seems to be pleased with the design of the block and the ease with which it is made.

That's a relief!

Christine has asked about finishing instructions. I'll post a modified version of the original quilt's instructions but you are welcome to finish the quilt any way you like.

I'm sure we are all looking forward to the different layouts that will eventuate.

Happy Stitching!

Ann. Marsha and Katie


  1. This is such a fun project and everyones blocks are beautiful!

  2. Those blocks look really good on point, don't they? I bought envelopes for mailing yesterday and started my Flickr account today. I'm getting there...I promise! Mary

  3. Thanks Ann! I need to figure out how to mail them. I have some manila envelopes but I'm nervous that they'd get wet. I have to sort that out... :) Christine

  4. My blocks are done. I bought envelopes yesterday. I bought a new pigma pen today and will sign them tonight.
    I still need addresses to mail the blocks out.

  5. I plan to put blocks in a Ziploc bag for mailing. That way they shouldn't get wet, even if the post office decides to dunk them. (Maybe I should use permanent marker to address...) Lisa's will go out tomorrow!

  6. My blocks went in the mail today so they should arrive early next week. I used the Ziploc bag inside a large manilla envelope, too. That should protect them from any moisture.